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Interior design
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With insight


We have great ambition when it comes to the quality of both the design and the materials (also some of us have great ambition when it comes to the quality of coffee!). We believe in sustainability and uniqueness both in the design and the choice of materials. The hopes and wishes of the customer are in the heart of everything we do, and we also take extra care to honor the character and the history of the space in question.



We believe that a well functioning, aesthetically pleasing environment is a big part of our well-being. Our aim is to  create  beautiful spaces that complement the customers personality and lifestyle. We truly focus on customer needs and do all we can to deliver the best possible outcome.


…and sustainability


We aim to offer long-lasting solutions both in our creative work and in our choices of material. We want to come up with aesthetics that are suitable for your specific needs and wishes and endure the test of time - rather than following trends, expresses your personality and brings you joy also in the future. Also with materials we prefer sustainability - materials that will last in style and defy the wear and tare of daily usage while ecologically responsible.  Genuine materials, produced with quality and true workmanship as well as insightful, dedicated and visually ambitious interior design are the cornerstones of our operation.

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Interior design (from. 65 € / h, incl. Vat. 24 %)


We take both small and big projects and we also welcome variety in the nature of assignments. You might need the entire house  - or an office space - to be designed, or just our help in choosing the right type of sofa.

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Design consultation ( from 260€ / 2h, incl. VAT 24 %)

Do you want to manage the interior design for your home yourself, but got a bit stuck on the way? We can join you for a consultation where we go through the challenges and offer solutions. We can review for example colour choices, furniture and fabrics and offer further ideas for the design. After the visit you will receive a summary of the consultation.



Are you selling your home or other property?


Stylish interior offers the prospected buyers an enticing and positive image. We will help with the styling for sales visit and promotional materials (such as pictures).

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